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Festival & Event Production


Festival & Event Production 


Large Festival Producer

Are you looking to bring a faith-based festival or conference to your town? I can come in as an executive producer to help you evaluate the goals of the event, the resources needed to execute, and project plan all the logistics in order to accomplish your goals. 


Fundraising Event 

Are you in need of funds for your ministry or non-profit? I can help you evaluate how much you need and what kind of fundraising event will help you produce the most amount of money with the least amount of effort, then execute that event from start to finish.

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Day of Event Manager

Do you have your event already planned and just need some help with execution? I can come in a few weeks before to help tie up any loose ends and help manage the event day of.

Marketing & Sponsorship

Marketing & Sponsorship


Event Marketing Plan 

A key to a successful event is a great marketing plan that engages your audience, and sells out. This is a full marketing plan that includes all the bells and whistles needed to make sure no one will want to miss your event. 



It’s important to brand your event according to your goal and audience. It needs to be consistent across the board so that your audience recognizes it without even seeing a name. This package includes me coming in and helping create and execute that brand. 


Sponsorship Planning & Execution

Whether you need annual sponsorship to keep your ministry afloat or need sponsorship to fund your full event. I can work with you to develop the budget, sponsorship package, and execution of recruiting sponsors.

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